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Frequently Asked Question

The Newly Updated Automated Name Search (NUANS) is a computerized search system to check availability of a business name. It produces a list of names that are the most like your proposed name. This report must be ordered for the jurisdiction where you would like to proceed your business.

A NUANS® is a Name Search report that ensures your proposed corporate name has not already been registered or trademarked, and it is required when incorporating a new business or changing the name of an existing Corporation.

A NUANS report is valid for 90 days from the date the name has reserved. You need to complete the incorporation process before it expires.

There is no legal difference between a distinctive named and a numbered corporation, both companies offer same liabilities and tax advantages. A 'numbered company' is a business corporation that can be incorporated using number without choosing a unique and descriptive name, e.g. 1234567 Ontario Inc. If you are thinking of developing and growing your business into a recognizable brand, it would be beneficial to have Named corporation.

No, you do not require a NUANS® name search report if you incorporating a numbered company. You may register a trade name and be known to public under the numbered Corporation.

A NUANS Name Reservation Report is mandatory to incorporate a business under Federal Government or any of the following jurisdictions:

  • Ontario
  • Alberta
  • New Brunswick
  • Northwest Territories
  • Nova Scotia
  • Prince Edward Island

All other jurisdictions in Canada will require a name search report specific to that province or territory, such as BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Newfoundland.

No. A Federal NUANS can only be used for Federal Corporations. Ontario Corporation requires an Ontario NUANS Report. Incorporating in Alberta requires an Alberta NUANS Search Report.

Yes, the NUANS® report Reservation is required within the jurisdictions listed above answer if you are incorporating a Not-for-Profit or Charitable organization.

A NUANS® Report not mandatory for business name registration or sole proprietorship in Ontario and Alberta, however it is recommended to ensure that you are not infringing on another business name and get a distinctive name which separate from the competitors. A preliminary NUANS name search can ensure that no else is using the same name. 
All other jurisdictions in Canada require a name search report for sole proprietor or partnership business name registration. specific to that province or territory, such as BC, Saskatchewan or Manitoba.

A corporate name is composed of three elements:

Distinctive element which is the unique identifier of your company name.
Descriptive element which describes nature of your business (Not absolutely required). 
Legal element which refers to one of the permitted legal endings.
You can have more than one word for the distinctive/ Descriptive element.
Example:  Premium Bakery Ltd.
“Premium” is the distinctive element which promotes your corporation's brand.
“Bakery” is the descriptive element, as it describes the nature of your business.
“Ltd.” is the legal ending. The ending has no legal consequences.

To increase the chances of your proposed name being accepted, it is recommended that you choose a name that both accurately describes your business and is as specific and distinct as possible. If your proposed corporate name uses common or popular names, the chances of it being accepted are decreased dramatically. Furthermore, you may be prohibited from using a corporate name, which is either identical or deceptively like one that is already used by another corporation or competitor in your jurisdiction.

Yes, you can change a company name at any time after form the corporation.