Incorporate Your Business Online Today

Incorporating a company offers many benefits to your business or organization including it becomes its own legal entity, limits the liability, lower corporate tax rates, better access to capital, and continuous existence. Legal Smart’s incorporation services are fast, simple and affordable.

Business Corporations

Incorporate your Business Federally or provincially through our 5-10 minutes easy online application

What is required?

  • A Registered office address required where business is conducted
  • 25% of directors must be Canadian residents
  • Name and address of each Director and Shareholder
  • NUANS Report needed for Named Corporation


  • Protect your personal assets
  • Distinct legal entity and limits the liability
  • Enhanced tax flexibility
  • Better access to capital
  • Continuous existence & ownership transferable
  • Overall Flexibility with any change of corporation or individual names

Things to consider:

  • Paperwork and record keeping need to be updated
  • Initial costs are higher than other options available
  • Director must be at least 18 years old individual not in bankrupt status
  • Corporate Tax filing required

Ontario Corporation

  • Legal Smart Fee $49
  • Government disbursement fees $350

Federal Corporation

  • Legal Smart Fee $49
  • Government disbursement fees $250

British Columbia Corporation

  • Legal Smart Fee $49
  • Government disbursement fees $395

Not-for-Profit Corporations

A non-profit corporation can be a school, charity, medical provider, activity clubs, volunteer services organization, professional association, research institute, museum, or in some cases a sports association.Whether self-funded or through donations, we’ll help you to get your non-profit up and running.

What is required?

  • Name and address of Corporation
  • Minimum of 3 directors
  • Object of the Corporation


  • Organization gets legal status
  • The liability of the members is limited
  • Continuity of the organization assured while the membership changes
  • Increased credibility with the government, funders, and the public

Things to consider:

  • Required to submit annual filings
  • Prohibition from Political Campaigning or Lobbying
  • No individuals or shareholders can receive profits
  • Assets must be given to another non-profit when your organization closes

Federal Not-for-Profit Corporation

  • Legal Smart Fee $49
  • Government disbursement fees $250

Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporation

  • Legal Smart Fee $49
  • Government disbursement fees $399

British Columbia Society Corporation

  • Legal Smart Fee $99
  • Government disbursement fees $499

Professional Corporations

Generally, a professional body or association including physicians, dentists, veterinarians, lawyers, accountants, engineers, and architects are allowed to incorporate. Register your Professional Incorporation with legal Smart today to save time & money.

What is required?

  • Must include the words “Professional Corporation” as part of its legal name.
  • At least one incorporator and director must be licensed in the profession.
  • Shares must be owned by the profession of the corporation.


  • Name Protection for Business Name
  • Potential income splitting
  • Tax deferral
  • Better access to capital
  • Continuous existence
  • Personal assets usually are not at risk.

Things to consider:

  • Tax and record keeping becomes more involved
  • Liability is not limited
  • Disqualification of a shareholder or employee may result of the corporate dissolution

Ontario Professional Corporation

  • Legal Smart Fee $149
  • Government disbursement fees $360

BC Professional Incorporation

  • Legal Smart Fee $149
  • Government disbursement fees $395

Incorporation in Canada for Non-Residents

Legal Smart offers incorporation services in Canada for non-Canadian residents, who would like to expand their businesses in Canada or planning to immigrate to Canada as a business immigrant.

Ontario Extra-Provincial Corporation (EPC)

Legal Smart Fee $249
Government disbursement Fees $ 395

What is required?

  • Exact matching business name to foreign corporation
  • Ontario address for corporation
  • Agent for service in Ontario -name/Ontario address/signature or corporation/Ontario address/signature


  • Does not require the directors of the foreign corporation to be Canadian citizens or permanent residents.
  • Investment opportunities not available at home
  • Asset Protection

Things to consider:

  • Required to submit filings
  • An Extra-Provincial Licence will not be issued to a foreign corporation with a name that is identical to a corporate name already in use in Ontario
  • Must appoint an Agent

BC Corporation for Non-Residents

Legal Smart Fee $349
Government disbursement Fees $ 1185

What is required?

  • Name Search Report
  • Registered office address in British Columbia
  • Certified Incorporation Application and Notice of Articles
  • Directors and Shareholders Organizational Resolutions


  • Canadian legal entity
  • No restrictions on the residency of directors, officers and shareholders
  • No requirements of a minimum authorized capital or issuing shares
  • Corporation pays corporate income tax on net profit

Things to consider:

  • Paperwork and record keeping need to be updated
  • Initial cost
  • Multiple filing
  • Required to file its corporate income tax return annually

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between named and numbered corporation?

There is no legal difference between a distinctive named and a numbered corporation, both companies offer same liabilities and tax advantages. A “numbered company” is an machine generated number that represent corporation’s name without choosing a unique and descriptive elements, e.g. 1234567 Canada Inc or 1234567 Ontario Inc. If you are thinking of developing and growing your business into a recognizable brand, it would be beneficial to have Named corporation.A name search, NUANS report is required for named corporation.

What is a NUANS report and how do I choose a business name?

The NUANS®(Newly Upgraded Automated Name Search) provides a list of existing corporate names, business names and trademarks that are similar to the one being proposed. A NUANS report is required when you incorporate a named company.

A corporate name is composed of three elements:

Distinctive element which is the unique identifier of your company name.

Descriptive element which describes nature of your business (Not absolutely required).

Legal element which refers to one of the permitted legal endings. From a legal perspective there are no differences, all take you to the sameplace –an incorporated company.

Example:Premium Bakery Ltd.

Premium”is the distinctive element which promotes your corporation’s brand.

Bakery”is the descriptive element, as it describes the nature of your business.

Ltd.”is the legal ending. The ending has no legal consequences.

Please note that you can have more than one word for the distinctive/ Descriptive element.

Should I incorporate my business federally or provincially?

Federal incorporation can be an excellent choice if your business needs the nation-wide business name protection or will be operating internationally.Moreover, if you are incorporating a federal corporation, you are required to register extra-provincially.If you own a business operating on a local level and have no plans of expanding across provinces, as well as no national customers or suppliers, it may make more sense to incorporate within your province.

Do I need an Attorney to incorporate my business?

There is no legal requirement that an attorney incorporate your business.

What is an Extra-provincial corporation?

Extra-provincial registration means obtaining a licence from the provincial Government and/or filing any other required information that is incorporated in Canada which wishes to carry on business in another province or territory other than the province or territory it is incorporated.

Can I use P.O Box as my registered office address?

You’re not allowed to use a P.O. box as your registered or records office address. Legal Smart offers address and mail scanning & forwarding service.